Separation is the act of removing yourself from the responsibility of another persons behavior.

Separation is the most powerful thing that we can do for ourselves. When a person chooses to act negative it is because of issues that they have within themselves not because of another person, therefor it stands to reason that no one should take responsibility for another persons behavior. So then why do we? That is because of our own issues.Example: A man and a woman are getting to know one another. Things are moving along nicely at first and start to progress to a point where they tell each other how much they like one another. At this point both of them are feeling things are moving to quickly and starts to panic. That panic arises from past experience not from the other person that they are getting to know. The man decides to back off but not all the way. He is still sending nice text messages and tells her she is the only woman he is speaking to in order to keep her hanging on until he decides what he wants from her all the while speaking to other woman in the same manner to see what other options he has. The woman feels the distance recognizes the lies and has to make a choice for herself. She can see this for exactly what it is or she can take responsibility for his behavior.
1 – He is manipulating her into being where he wants her to be (by lying to her), either because he is scared or because this is his game that he runs on all the women.(His issues within himself which only he can resolve)
2 – She can also choose to think that there is something wrong with her and that’s why he doesn’t like her (Her issues within herself, which she will not be able to solve through him). This is more than likely what her wants her to do because it will keep her around for a long time in turn boosting his ego and self esteem.If she choose choice 1 then she sees that he is being who he is. He makes these choices because he still doesn’t have the courage to open his heart to another and take the chance of being hurt. Hurting first is a pattern that he has created in order to keep women away from him so he doesn’t have to take the chance of getting hurt. This pattern developed from a past relationship/s and not this woman whom he trying to get to know so it is in no way her fault therefor no need for her to take any blame. Letting go and walking away is what’s best for her and allowing him to handle his own issues on his own. He has made it clear for her that he is not available for a relationship. This is the universes way of letting her know that he is not the right man for her and she can move forward to find the right one. That doesn’t make him a bad person just not the right person for her. She can walk away without anger because he does this to all women and it’s not personal to her.If she choose the second option she is personalizing his behavior because of how she feels about herself. She believes that he has lied to her because of who she is. She doubts herself and then engages in acts to bring him back. He tells himself that she is crazy (even though he has created this pattern of behavior) then confirming his reason for lying in the first place. Then togehter they have kept this pattern of refusing to take responsibility for thier own behavior. With this option is created anger, hate, and more ill behavior towards one another then eventually on to the next person for more of the same.

In this one example there is an opportunity to see what separation is all about. Never allow yourself to take on the responsibility of another person. No one but you are responsible for your happiness. Stopping the pattern of trying to define who you are and what your happiness is through another will allow you to have true happiness. Who a person is, is defined in their behavior, always remember that they choose that behavior because of them and not you. All you have to do is choose to except that behavior or not. If you choose to except another’s behavior then there is no room for going back and blaming someone else for that choice, it belongs to you.

Love & Light


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Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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