Find Your Happy Place

Finding your Happy Place can be one of the most faluable tools you can have. It can keep you sane when you feel like loosing it and just stricking out at the world!!! This site offers plenty of ideas on how to create a happier life and a happier self!!

By: Sheer Balance

Negativity doesn’t always present itself in an obvious way. There are three sources from which it usually breeds: 1) your relationships, 2) yourself, and 3) your environment. Whether you’re receiving it from one or all sources, here are some things to do to reduce it in your life:


Minimize toxic relationships. These often go hand-in-hand with negativity. If an individual makes you feel bad about yourself, what you do, or how you are, then that person is toxic. Toxic people often make others feel badly in order to feel better about themselves. If you can’t completely remove them from your life, minimize the time you spend with them and work on cultivating healthier, happier relationships.

Set clear boundaries. If an individual crosses a line or goes too far with her commentary, then let her know that although you care for her, the negativity isn’t welcome. Explain to her that if she can’t be positive or respectful, then you can’t be around her.

Find positive people. The more you surround yourself with positive, high-energy people, the less room you have for those who are negative. Focus on building friendships that make you feel special, build your confidence, and empower you to be the best you can be.

Your Inner Self

Stop focusing on the “what ifs”. Fear and anxiety impair our ability to move forward and achieve the things that will bring happiness into our lives. As a result, focus on what you want to do and imagine yourself doing it. Push out fear and instead, feel the positive feelings and happiness you know you’ll get from doing the things you want to do.

Meditate. This can be in traditional formats such as yoga or deep breathing or just carving in some alone time by yourself. Spend some time on a daily basis clearing your mind, ridding it of negative thoughts, and refocusing it on those that are positive.


Do what you love. Enjoying the things you love allows you to feel positive, happy, and joyful. When we do things that feel good and that bring us happiness, we disengage with negativity.


Love what you do and where you do it. Although the recession may be making it difficult to be too picky in this area, if we work with people who are negative, it can be draining. Further, low company morale can have a tremendously negative impact on your overall outlook. If this is the case, look for a new job and seek out a company that is known for having a healthy, positive culture.

Love where you live. Our neighborhood can have a big impact on our outlook. Whether something distasteful has happened in your community or you just don’t get positive vibes from your neighbors, it may be time to move.

Get involved. Get involved in your local community. Do some charity work. Get involved with a non-profit. Be a big brother or sister. Getting involved in philanthropic programs makes a positive impact on the world around you, ultimately making you feel positive about yourself and about life.

Don’t let negativity bring you down. Make it a thing of the past and see how positive life can be!


 Have a blessed day

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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