What is Destiny?

This is a question that a lot of people wonder about and I hope that this article can clear a few things up for you.



Throughout their lives, people have a lot of interest in themselves. Amongst the interest which they have in themselves, the thing which they are most interested in is their destiny.

In human society the saying, ‘Once a destiny has been decided it cannot be changed’ has been handed down. However, it still hasn’t been explained properly how a destiny is made or what kind of effect destiny has on people. So it’s a fact that people don’t have a correct understanding of destiny.

What, in fact, is destiny?

How is destiny made?

How can we change our destiny?

When we look at and learn about what is in the world, the thing which we are most fearful of is Karma. The more we understand this Karma, about how great a cause it carries, the more fearful we become. This is because this Karma is the source which causes the destiny of the human world to exist.

By accepting, without realizing it, thousands, tens of thousands, of things which have happened to you and which you have done, you make Karma. This Karma makes the destiny which controls you.

No matter how much we try to make people with big Karma do something good, it is impossible. This is because the consciousness of a human is influenced by the Karma which exists inside him.

The nature of a sip of water changes depending on who drinks it. If a venomous snake drinks it, it becomes poison. If a deer drinks it, it becomes antlers. If you give a snake water and tell it to make antlers, it is impossible.

All substances and forms of life which exist in the world, all carry their own individual Karma. For example, a piece of metal or a plant, they all have their karma individually. Because of this fact, they are maintaining their own unique selves.

Karma means that what happened to you accumulates inside you. It appears from inside you when it becomes active, even though you don’t want it to.

Among Karma, the thing we have to be most careful of is attachment. Whatever you do, it makes Karma inside you. If in this way you come to have attachment to material things or attachment to people, that will be something which makes big Karma for you.

Next is grudge. Among Karma, the biggest Karma is grudge.

If people have big attachment or grudge they can’t re-incarnate. In serious cases, they might fall into a terrible situation where they abandon being born as a human.

Karma occurs due to your behavior. Especially, if you make karma through attachment or grudge it is the same thing as tying yourself with your hands. It means that you can’t move yourself on your own and make yourself be fixed to the place where you have once lived.

The world exists according to the single formula. It means that all the world’s phenomena exist according to the single principle. This principle means that problems of what happens make results according what happens. The world has already existed for thousands of billions of years through the principle, and it will also exist through this principle in the future as well. This principle exists through the activities of what is.

Now let’s examine how a human soul is made and what activities it performs when it is born again, while observing the process in which vegetation produces seed.

They process in which plant life or people produce their result is exactly the same. In other words, the fact that they accept the single principle is the same. For plant life, the ground is called its foundation and the seed its basic nature. This basic nature and foundation must be sound for it to bear good fruit. Anybody could confirm this as an undeniable fact if they were to try farming.

The seed(basic nature) performs the activities of life and is influenced according to whether the ground(foundation) is good or bad, fertile or infertile. And according to the ground’s environment, the seed itself can perish or become better.

It’s a universal fact that an individual life forms can obtain a good fruit or lose it according to its foundation and environment.

The human soul is also exactly the same as this. Humans don’t bear fruit, they make the consciousness which is inside them. In other words, they bear their soul. And when this soul dies it is revived and appears as life again.

At the essence of this soul lie the things which were in ones life, just as they are. And when this soul is revived the nature inside one or what has happened to him again continues its activities.

A soul makes itself be revived by combining with a special relationship which exists in its foundation and repeats the same activities as had made itself exist.


Have a blessed day

Love & Light


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