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By: Ask Grace



Psychic Advice:

There are many things that you can do that will support you to be happier in your marriage and in your life. Remember that no one else can make you happy, you must do that for yourself, so a happy marriage begins with finding and creating your own happiness. Here are 100 ways to a happy relationship:



1) Do the things you love to do – don’t wait around for others, make yourself happy first

2) Focus on gratitude – the more you are grateful, the more you will have to feel grateful for

3) Make time to play – joy and recreation are keys to wellbeing, so make time for yourself

4) Laugh a lot, but not at each other – laughter soothes, heals and uplifts the body, mind, heart and soul

5) Fulfill as many of your own needs as you can, then ask others and the Universe for what you need

6) Focus on becoming whole and healed – no one else can complete you or fix you

7) Make yourself happy – your happiness does not depend on anyone else, happiness is your choice

8) Take care of yourself because no one else can – exercise and good health promote wellbeing

9) Love yourself first – the more you love yourself, the more you’ll love life and let others love you



10) Feel good about yourself – the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you are to others

11) Dress in ways that make you feel good and attractive – confidence and self-assuredness are attractive

12) Wear things your partner likes – this will make your partner happy and responsive



13) Start and end each day in love – make sure to hug, kiss, cuddle, etc. every morning and every night

14) Appreciate your partner daily – verbally express the things you appreciate about each other

15) Remember to say “I love you” – say it often, and say it from your heart with meaning and feeling

16) Tell your partner what you find attractive in him/her – list all the qualities that you love

17) Compliment your partner when he/she looks good – this also lets him/her know what you like

18) Look for the best in your partner, and hold the vision of your partner being happy and fulfilled

19) Accept your partner, warts and all – no one is perfect: don’t expect perfection or judge imperfection

20) Have unconditional love and acceptance – your partner is a gift to you; acceptance gives you peace

21) Be patient – many arguments can be avoided with patience, which is a gift of love

22) Focus on being loving and kind, and do loving and kind things – think of ways to do this daily

23) Give your partner what he/she really wants and needs, not just what you would like or think is right

24) Speak your partner’s “love language”, even if it is different than yours – words, gestures, actions, etc.

25) Make time for your relationship as a couple – don’t get so busy that you forget about each other

26) Always keep the other person in your heart and in your mind – call often and be spontaneous

27) Be generous with your time, heart and attention – give until it gives you joy



28) Have a weekly meeting to discuss goals, finances, plans, etc. – be practical and avoid arguing

29) Discuss your hopes and dreams – make sure you’re on the same page and want the same things

30) Take walks together regularly – this promotes a healthy body and healthy communication

31) Give yourselves something to look forward to – plan and save for your ideal home, vacation, etc.

32) Do the things that you both enjoy doing together – share your interests and passions



33) Take time to get away from all the stresses of day-to-day life – recharge and reconnect

34) If something irritates you, first work on yourself, then ask for change – we are mirrors for each other

35) Don’t try to change your partner, but always work on improving yourself

36) Don’t take things personally – we all have our own issues and problems, it’s not all about you

37) Be willing to change counter-productive and destructive patterns of behavior



38) Create a weekly date night – go out to a show, have dinner out, dress up and act like you are dating

39) Look in each other’s eyes, hold hands, snuggle up, etc.

40) Look at the moon and stars, light a fire, cook a romantic meal, etc.

41) Make your bedroom comfortable and attractive for both of you so you’ll want to spend time there

42) Enjoy being together – spend one night per week without TV or other distractions



43) Dress so you feel sexy and attractive on the outside and on the inside

44) Remember romance in and outside the bedroom – smile and flirt with each other wherever you are

45) Change and add spice in the bedroom – make it new and exciting, be playful and experiment

46) Ask for and demonstrate what you enjoy, and ask your partner what he/she really enjoys



47) Fall in love each day – look for the best in your partner, and look at him/her with the eyes of love

48) Open your heart and be willing to love without pain – release the past so you can enjoy the present

49) Respect yourself and your partner – mutual respect is a key ingredient of a loving happy relationship

50) Receive – let your partner have the joy of giving to you and receive it with your whole heart

51) Forgive – grievances and resentment kill love and relationships, forgiveness sets you both free



52) Try new things together – familiarity breeds contempt, so break out of old ruts and habits

53) Have a suggestion box of things you’ve both always wanted to do or try, then choose one each week



54) Do what you say you’re going to do – be true to your word, take responsibility for your commitments

55) Make chores fun – do them together and be creative; don’t nag or be nagged, just do it

56) Make unified decisions and choices – agree together, don’t let family or children come between you

57) A relationship is a partnership in life – work together and support each other with co-operation



58) Communicate clearly – express yourself in ways that your partner can understand and work with

59) Ask questions, don’t make assumptions – make sure that you are both understanding each other

60) Express your needs in a way that is not needy – don’t whine, beg or plead

61) When you ask for what you would like, preface it with appreciation for what you have, not criticism

62) Have clear boundaries with friends and family – avoid the temptation to gossip or complain

63) Be honest, gentle and compassionate – express your truth from your heart as kindly as possible

64) Express your pet peeves, and ask your partner for extra effort to change those annoying habits

65) Don’t lie, even about small things – never breach each other’s trust, because it is difficult to restore



66) Do the little things that make your partner feel loved – it is often the little things that count the most

67) Give each other positive attention – thank each other for the good things, don’t just point out the bad

68) Give cards and gifts out of the blue – don’t wait for “Hallmark Holidays” to show you care

69) Think before you speak or act so you don’t do things you’ll regret later



70) Don’t dump on each other or push each other’s buttons – you know each other and know what hurts

71) Have compassion for how your partner is feeling – sense what your partner is going through

72) Don’t judge your partner’s family – have compassion for who they are and for who your partner is

73) Really listen to each other with your heart – people just want to be heard and feel like others care

74) Don’t try to fix each other’s problems – offer help, support and compassion



75) Support each other’s work – help each other wherever possible, but not with criticism or judgment

76) Use words of encouragement – don’t belittle or put your partner down

77) See the divine in your partner – believe in your partner, in his/her abilities and capabilities

78) Stroke your partner’s ego – don’t make your partner feel bad about himself/herself

78) Do more than your share – ask your partner what is needed and how you can best help out



79) Learn to manage your own state – if something is making you uncomfortable, do what you can to fix

80) Monitor your reactions – be responsible for your words, actions and reactions, and chain of reactions

81) Be willing to see the other person’s point of view – each person has a right to his/her own opinion

82) Each person is right for himself/herself – being right does not make the other person wrong

83) Let go of the need to be right – agree to disagree

84) Find healthy ways to deal with your emotions – punch a mattress or scream into a pillow to release

85) Take a walk to clear your head, but don’t storm out threatening abandonment

86) Don’t raise your voice, yell or swear – calmly seek to be heard and understood



87) Fight fair – never call each other names or say things that you know will be hurtful and destructive

88) Never say things you don’t mean – don’t talk about breaking up unless you really mean it

89) Stay focused on the present argument – don’t dredge up every other incident from the past

90) Watch out for being self-righteous, indignant, or spiteful – vengeance only hurts you both

91) Change the pattern of arguments – dance a different dance and stop stepping on each other’s toes

92) No ultimatums – each person has choice in each moment, and every choice has a consequence

93) Practice instantaneous forgiveness- don’t go to bed angry, make up right away

94) Don’t attack each other physically, mentally or emotionally – choose non-violent communication

95) Address the problematic behavior but do not attack each other’s character

96) Don’t seek to control or manipulate each other with emotions such as rage, anger, sorrow, guilt, etc.

97) Avoid the temptation to assign blame, to accuse, to judge or to criticize

98) Take responsibility for your choices and actions – avoid being defensive or trying to justify yourself

99) Be willing to heartfully apologize and admit when you’ve done something wrong

100) No matter what, always remember that you love each other – love can never be destroyed, only transformed


Have a blessed day

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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