Want Vs Need – The Difference Between Wanting and Needing

Emotionally this can be a very difficult struggle. I hope that  you enjoy today’s topic and find it helpful.


By Dwayne Gilbert

There is a huge difference between wanting what you want and needing what you want, and both are just emotional states that you need to be aware of. If you are on the path toward attracting what you want, you must be careful not to allow yourself to slip into the negative emotional state of neediness. There is a horrible and vicious mindset among humans that many of the things we have we need when in reality, there are only a few things we actually need and the rest are things we want. There is nothing wrong with wanting, however, allowing yourself to believe that you need something will only stop you from getting it.

We must know what we want, and we must have a passion to have what we want. There is nothing wrong with having this passion or the desire to have it. The problem for many people though is that they fall into a mindset of neediness. A mindset of neediness will not get us what we want. In fact, it will begin to push it away making it harder and harder for us to have what it is we desire. When working with the law of attraction, we need to have a burning desire for what we want. This is the emotional driver that brings those things we desire closer to us. Our ability to put positive emotion into our visualizations as well as strong, powerful passion into acquiring is in direct relationship to our getting what it is we want. We need to remember not to take it to seriously though. Wanting is a very powerful thing, but becoming so attached to what we want only causes emotional distress.

A great example of wanting vs. neediness that I believe you can relate to would be in relationships. Which would you prefer. Someone who calls you just to say hello and wants to spend time with you, but doesn’t get upset when your not able to. Someone who simply enjoys your company when they are with you, but is totally ok with being alone and their own life. Or would you prefer someone who is constantly calling you wanting to know where you are and when the two of you are getting together again. Someone who is upset when you can’t make it and holds it against you for weeks. The kind of person who needs you in their life so they feel they have validation for who they are. The first person was probably your choice. We all enjoy someone who enjoys us for us, but is strong enough in themselves to the point where they don’t need us to validate them and who they are. Someone who is needy just makes us want to run away, and the law of attraction works the same way.

The more you feel that you have to have something and the more emotion you put into clinging to that thing, the more you push it away. This happens because you get so set on it having to be a certain way that it creates stress from the thought of not having it. If instead you were to begin to be ok with not having what you want, but wanting it anyway, you will be much closer to getting what it is you want. Neediness creates a mindset of lack in your life instead of a mindset of abundance. Coming from a needy position is not a position of power and options. As soon you as realize that the universe will give you what you want and that it can come in a million different ways, the closer you will be to creating a mindset of want out of wanting a life that you control instead of from a position of neediness and having to have it.

Neediness causes us to become attached to a specific idea or outcome. Becoming attached to anything always causes emotional distress. When we try to cling to something we put ourselves in a position that allows us to get hurt when that thing goes away, and since nothing lasts forever, everything is bound to have a beginning and an end. Becoming attached to the idea that you have to have a specific car will not open the door for other opportunities to have another car that is similar or another car that is better than the one you wanted but you simply didn’t realize was there. We have to be mindful of our neediness and clinginess to everything in life. Neediness pushes things away and causes unwanted heartache and sorrow in our lives. Instead, learn to open up to possibility and potential. Allow the universe to work through you as though you were an open conduit. Trust that what you want will come to you, or better, and the universe will deliver.

Have a blessed weekend

Love & Light


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