How To Promote Yourself (When You Don’t Want To.)

I know this may seem like an odd topic but I think it is perfect for getting to know yourself. Self promotion isn’t just for when you have a business. Marketing yourself is important for any aspect of our lives. Getting to know people and being comfortable with yourself is vital to everyone!!  This site has some wonderful tips for being comfortable with who you are and putting yourself out there and getting to know others!!  Enjoy!!

Is self promotion a necessary evil?  If you are looking for a new job, networking or even just trying to publicise your blog you are going to need some promotion.   As someone who shy’s away from the spotlight the idea of putting myself in that very spotlight is quite terrifying.   So what do you do when you know you need to promote yourself (or your blog) but would much rather not?


Remember you don’t need to be obnoxious.

The first thing to know is that self-promotion does not mean you have to be obnoxious.  For a long time I had the belief that self-promotion was just people boasting and this did not appeal to me at all.  But after some reading and watching how other people promote themselves I have come to realise this isn’t the only way.  You can promote yourself in a manner that informs others that you exist and have something to offer without the hard sell.  You can let them check it out and see if it’s something they are interested in.


Start from where you feel comfortable.

You don’t need to go out and rent a billboard.  Start where you feel comfortable and build on that.   I do very little promotion with this blog, but what I feel comfortable with is visiting others blogs and leaving a comment.   I enjoy being part of the blogging community and commenting on blogs when I have something to add.  This is my starting point and this is what I plan to build on when promoting this blog.


Make a plan.

Start from where you are comfortable and think of other ideas that extend from this.   Make a list of ideas, then slowly work your way through the list until you achieve your objective.   Sometimes such as with a blog – the promotion is never done.  In this case set small goals to keep you motivated (for example a certain  number of readers or comments etc.)   When continual self-promotion is needed keep a list of ideas that you can add too.


Stick to your plan.

There is no point making a plan and then not implementing it.   If you are serious about reaching your goals some self –promotion is necessary.  Keep your end goal in mind and take action on a regular basis.  This has the benefits of forming the habit for yourself while you are promoting yourself!


It can actually be fun!

Yes this is true.   You will be amazed at the opportunities that are out there when you go out and look (and ask).     

So if self promotion is something you find hard then work out what you feel comfortable with and start there.  Make a plan and then stick to it!

Have a blessed week

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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