11/11/11 Gathering of the Souls

What an exciting day for us all to be alive!!!  I hope that this is a very special day for everyone!!!


By: Mohammed, Ron and Robert

For the last few decades, our planet has been in an unprecedented time of acceleration and change. What you may not know is that what has been taking place is ONLY the front edge of the most remarkable shift in evolution we have ever known!

The first signs: we have already shifted more in the last 30 – 50 years than we have progressed in the last 5000 years as a planet!

What you also may not know is that the shifts we can see in the world around us are no less profound in scope than the shifts we have the potential to experience in our own individual lives!

We are on the verge of transitioning into an entirely new root race of spiritually-connected people. At least, that is the potential.

This unprecedented transformation is all being inspired by energetic accelerations/initiations which have already begun to raise consciousness. The ultimate destination of this evolutionary shift is the opportunity to open mass consciousness to the potential of our souls – for the first time in the history of the planet!


Since 1997, the planet has been in a period of energetic downloads, initiations and accelerations that have been disrupting life as we have known it. Each of these events has taken place at major energy centers (planetary chakras) around the planet, similar to the accelerations that haven begun to take place in the seven major energy centers / chakras we all have in our physical bodies.

Now that we have reached 2010, we have entered a stage in the cycle that has been preparing our physical bodies for a direct contact of soul energy. That preparation was actually set into motion on 11.11.09…

and that time of preparation is coming to a close.

On November 11, 2011, energies will be released in Egypt that will create an intention of energy – encouraging the soul into a direct contact with the physical body in a more powerful way than ever before.

On that special day, we reach a vital next step – the Resurrection (of the Soul) Initiation – taking us more fully into a transformation of personal evolution than we have known as a mass consciousness.

Prior to this time, we have heard of rare individuals who have dedicated their lives to this inner potential who have inspired the world. However, that is now become energetically supported…

and the most powerful place you can be on 11.11.11 is Egypt !


As we shared on the Home Page, Mohamed Shata, beloved and renowned Egyptologist, is coordinating and hosting this Journey of Gathering Souls through his company, Windows of Egypt.

Ron Baker and Robert Baker, international teachers, have been leading groups to sites around the world for each of these planetary initiations, ultimately guided by the channeled wisdom of Archangel Gabriel. What has taken place on their prior sacred journeys has been nothing less than profound.

There have certainly been awesome outer signs: such as being rained on in the desert two days in a row (when rain comes about once a decade in these areas), precisely in the middle their initiations… to energy vortexes opening with audible sound and light. These are just a couple of the affirmations that were set in motion to reveal some of the power of what is taking place.

Inner, personal signs of the power of these initiations have been revealed in the consistent transformations and personal growths experienced by literally every person on those journeys.

To prepare you for this journey, Ron and Robert will be offering many layers of education (both prior to the journey and while we are in Egypt)… revealing many things about what is taking place, as well as the specific significance of the symbols and synchronicities that are coming together.

Let’s begin that education by first looking at some basics that pertain to theOPENING THREE DAYS in Cairo.

What is the significance of “11?”

In basic numerology, one begins to learn about the power of cycles. All of life moves in cycles. Each number has a specific energy or focus within the cycle of life. One also can learn that there are several MASTER NUMBERS… which bring certain numbers into their higher potential.

The first master number is 11. Eleven is the higher “octave” of 2 (1+1), which is the number of connection and relationship. In other words, the influence of “11” energy brings things into their higher relationship potential.

For this event, there are three “11’s.” When things happen in 3’s, the energies are encouraged into the magic of manifestation.

In this case, the manifestation of our higher relationship to life, which will take place in the relationship of our physical body and inner Soul essence.

In this case, the three 11’s also encourage the 3 minds (subconscious, conscious and superconscious) to come into relationship – which will be explored a little later.

Finally 11 + 11 + 11 = 33 and this is the master number of soul consciousness.

(For those of you who are familiar with numerology – we are aware that 2011 = 4, and that 2009 was an “11” energy. Gabriel shares with us that the November date in 2009 began the preparation of the physical body for the soul in a very powerful way… and that 11/11/11 – 2011 is when the womb of the soul will open for the first waves of soul connection!)

WHY IS EGYPT SO POWERFUL for this event?

Egypt has long been one of the most profound places of energetic initiation and self-mastery in the planet’s history. There are specific reasons for this.

The planet has seven major chakras or energy centers, just as we all have in our individual bodies. Egypt holds the energy of the SECOND PLANETARY CHAKRA.

Just as the second chakra is found in the naval region of our individual bodies – and serves as a place of grounded manifestation (the connection point to our “womb space”) – this is the energy that Egypt holds – the energetic womb space or “birthing place of the soul!”

The Great Pyramid is the primary focal point of this second planetary chakra, with more specific energetic significance than could be written in several large volumes. We will merely hint at its power for our purposes here.

According to Archangel Gabriel, the Great Pyramid is a temple that was built for many purposes. Most important for our purposes, the Great Pyramid is a place of Zero Magnetics – a neutral space of power, much like the profound power held in the neutral space between the protons and electrons in our cells.

This neutral energy is by far the most powerful energy that we can know or access, making the Great Pyramid a profoundly powerful temple of INITIATION !

Let’s put some pieces together – revealing why THIS INITIATION allows us powerful access for the physical birthing our Soul Energy?

For each one of us, our souls can only manifest in a neutral, balanced space. This is why we have not “known” its energy before. We have not been prepared to create a neutral space in our own bodies or in our world.

This is why there has been so much preparation needed, creating shake-up’s in our world and in our lives, as we have begun to prepare our physical vehicles energetically. So far on the planet, we have mostly known survival levels of consciousness, hiding a great deal of our potential behind our ego defense and separation.

What you may not know is that there are two spirals of energy that move through our bodies – one moving clockwise and the other, counter-clockwise. When we learn how to bring these two energies together in the HEART space, we can create a neutrality and open our hearts for the flow of the SOUL potential and the LOVE FORCE.

(Part of the education that will be provided by Ron and Robert PRIOR to the journey will allow you to gently accelerate your process of preparation.)

For more clues, let’s look to the fact that the second chakra (Great Pyramid) also holds the energy of the womb space – the birthing place of Soul Consciousness!

So this is the perfect place to provide a space of neutrality and the power of love that will allow us to set powerful intentions on 11.11.11!

Within the pyramid, there are three primary chambers. These are a direct reflection of our bodies as well – representing once again the three minds: the subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious minds.

Final synchronicity for now…

At dawn (the birth of the 11.11.11 energy), Mohamed Shata’s group has been given special permission to gather privately in all three chambers at the same time! – bringing together the three energies that are vital for birthing the soul into manifested reality!


If we look back in history, we can find two teachers that have created a profound and lasting impact of the masses of the planet, literally advancing our planetary grids of consciousness. Those teachers were the Buddha and the Christ.

This journey is not a journey focused on a religious perspective. It is simply a spiritual journey that will affect everyone on the planet, whether consciously or unconsciously. For instance, Gabriel tells us that the word “Christ” is simply another word for “SOUL.” And that the master teacher, Jesus, came to show the world the potential of becoming “Christed” or “ensouled.”

That teacher then assured the world, “The things I do, ye shall do and even greater than I have done.” And Gabriel tells us this time of evolution is the time when we will begin awakening into the edge of that soul potential!

If we look back at the life story of this teacher, we will see a powerful demonstration of seven Soul initiations…

(Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration on the Mount, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension)

This particular 2011 Initiation opens us to the beginning potential of the Resurrection of Soul Initiation.

The specific significance in the THREE days that we will be spending in Cairo represent the same 3 days (magic number of manifestation) that Jesus spent in the tomb prior to his Resurrection manifestation.

These 3 days symbolically represent the transformation of the lower three energy centers in our bodies, which must take place for each one of us in order to move up into the neutral space of the heart for the soul experience.

One FINAL piece that adds signification to our initiation is the choice to meet in three significant moments for this first phase of the 11.11.11 journey:

  1. We will do our first meditation, joining our energies in the vacinity of the Giza Plateau, gathering from all over the world to literally join together our intentions into a profound GROUP RESONANCE.
    You see, when people join together with others with a similar focus and intention, they create an exponential impact of power!
  2. We will then join together in a second meditation in the the desert of Sakkara , where which will represent how we have lived in desert of our lives, separate from the Soul. Here we will set out intentions of the Soul. Later that day, will join with the primary archetypes and energies from all over Egypt and the Cairo Museum .
  3. We will culminate these three days in the private sunrise meditation in the Great Pyramid, spending the day on the Giza Plateau with the three pyramids and Sphinx.

Now that we have explored the basics of the THREE DAYS in Cairo , we are ready to look at:


The Extension, which we hope you will all consider, will be focused on a Cruise that connects us to the other temples of initiation or self-mastery, as we move down the Ancient Nile River .

What you may not know is that the Nile River is one of only two rivers that flows from south to north. One of the reasons this is perfect is that it represents the flow of kundalini UP the spine in our bodies.

Thousands of years ago, the temples were built along this “archetypal planetary spine,” to signify once again the seven chakras of our bodies. These are temples that formed this ancient Mystery School .

As already shared, the extension of this particular initiation will give us the chance to EXPERIENCE bringing the energies from the high temple (Great Pyramid) – representing the higher will of the Soul DOWN through the body for the activation of the soul consciousness into our daily lives.

The two primary places we will focus on include connecting the Higher Will down to the HEART Chakra ( Temple of Horus ) and the 2nd chakra (womb space of the soul – Temple of Isis ).

Since the Nile does not connect all the way UP to Cairo as it once did, we will first fly to Luxor . After spending time at two powerful temples ( Temple of Man and the Luxor Temple ), we will all sail together on one ship moving DOWN the Nile .

Again with special permission, we will do specific PRIVATE meditations to bring further focus of our intentions at the heart chakra (the Horus Temple – the “christed one” in Egyptian mythology) and finally in the 2nd chakra temple ( Isis Temple – representing the feminine womb of the Soul).

This is a great deal to take in… but we will make it easy and clear as we move into our 15th journey with you.

We hope you will join us. There are no words to convey the potential that we all have by coming together. We also hope you will consider gathering friends to as soul groups from many places – as we come together in a unified intention in Egypt .

Mohammed, Ron and Robert
Windows of Egypt , 2010


Have a Blessed day

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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