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Astral Travel Information

Astral travel occurs when the conscious mind separates from physical body and moves around.

Visualize that after falling into deep sleep, you see yourself up in the air floating gracefully. And as you sift through your surrounding, you see your physical body in the same spot where you dozed off. You could not believe what you are seeing and started questioning yourself if you are dead. With all the confusion, you suddenly screamed. Then you wake up, both hands are cold and sweaty, and realized that you are back in the comfort of your bed. You sigh with relief that it was all a dream. Or was it? No, it is astral travel.

The idea of astral travels began in ancient Egypt and was only exclusive for the ruling class. But today, anyone who has internet access or even a library card can gain information about it anytime, anywhere.

What Happens During Astral Traveling?

Some people who experienced astral travels are said to be well aware of everything they experience. Others say they feel a floating sensation while other see their physical body in a different viewpoint.

It is said that during astral travel, vast possibilities can happen. You can go to astral planes or never-before-seen places. You can meet family members, relatives and friends who had passed away long time ago. You can walk through walls and doors. If your earthly body is sick or disabled, you can be perfectly healthy in the astral plane.

It is believed that during astral travel, the physical body is connected to the astral body through a silver cord, though it may not be the same for everyone. The important thing here is that the conscious mind can easily go back to its physical body anytime and will not cause any harm to the physical body.

Astral Travelling Is For Everyone

Experts on astral travel say that it does not require any special skill or talent to do it. Everyone has the capability to perform astral travel because when we were still young, we possessed the ability to do so, but it becomes slowly forgotten as we come of age.

Apart from constant practice, research and advice from experts, one key point in achieving astral projection easier is to learn how to relax. Know the things that could put you in a relaxed condition and learn relaxation techniques because it is in your relaxed state where astral projection happens.

This site will provide you pointers on astral travel, suggestions on how to reach a relaxed state and other insightful articles on controlling astral projection vibrations.

Open Your Mind

Astral travel should be welcomed, not feared, because it is a wonderful experience as described by many astral travel stories. Many of those who accomplished it will say that they felt their spirits lifted or had a positive feeling after experiencing it. Astral travel is indeed an adventure that is worth a try.

Astral Projection Stories

Posted at Astral Projection Stories

Do you know what actually happens when a person experiences astral projection? Maybe you know of some people who have already experiences astral travel. And you may be wondering why their astral projection stories are quite different from each other. This is precisely acceptable since no two people have exactly the same astral projection experience to tell.

The Common Factors In Astral Projection Stories

But these astral projection experiences that people all over the world may have a common factor in all of them. And below are five of the most common occurrences in most astral projection stories of different people:

Looking at one’s own self from a different point of view. An extremely common experience that many people who tell of their astral projection stories, or out-of-body experiences, is that they find themselves looking at their physical bodies as if they were someone else. A pianist who shared his astral travel experience relates how he realized he was watching himself play the piano in his own concert. And for a few moments while watching at his physical self, he actually wondered what his physical body would do next during the concert.Another man realized that he already experienced astral travel way back when he was still 6 years old. He recalls that during a leg operation which he had undergone when he was a young kid, he recalls waking up in the middle of the surgery and watching the doctors perform the operations on his leg.The above stories are quite common with astral projection stories because this is when a person’s physical body and his astral mind separate from one another.

The experience of flying. A common experience of people who have experienced astral projection is the feeling of weightlessness. Because of this feeling of lightness, astral travelers often find themselves flying above their physical bodies. An astral traveler shares an experience when he found himself so “light and vaporous” that he tried to roll his astral body out of his physical self and eventually found himself hovering in the area and looking at his physical body still deeply asleep.

Many people are eager to learn how to astral travel because they have heard of astral projection stories where people see and meet loved ones who have long been dead. In majority of these astral projection stories, we have heard of individuals who have met, shook hands, and hugged with family members or relative who have long passed. However, keep in mind that the “person” that you shall meet during astral travel is also the astral self of your deceased family member.

You can do other things that your physical body normally can’t. Individuals who have shared their astral projection stories relate that they have been able to walked through walls and other physical objects when they are in the astral state. And more interestingly, people who are blind in real life can see in the astral plane. And they can even recall seeing vivid colors during their experiences in their astral travel.

Visiting place you have never been to. Another very exciting and remarkable experience that astral projection brings is the ability to travel to physical and astral places one has never been to in his real life. In many cases of déjà vu, some people point out that the possible explanation for the feeling that one has already been to a particular place is that he may have actually already visited that place during astral travel.

Astral Projections Should Not Scare You

Many people re still afraid of astral projection. And when these fears are getting the better of you, always keep in mind that the best way to enjoy astral projection is to open your mind, relax, and absorb all the sights and sensations. You shall realize that, as with the others who related their own astral projection stories with the rest of us, astral travel is really a remarkable out-of-this-world experience you shouldn’t miss.


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