Life’s a Journey Not a Destination – Enjoy Your Commute

By: Kimberley Cohen

I was driving on the highway the other day and a sign said, “Enjoy Your Commute”. I thought to myself, “Thank-you, I am”, and not just the road I was driving on, but the road of life.

Sure, there are still moments or days where I feel like I’ve hit a pothole, so to speak, where I wasn’t able to steer away from that one. Some are a little bigger than others, in fact, a few may even seem like the Grand Canyon, but the difference is I now remember that the road of life is under construction as well as paved with gold.

It wasn’t always that way though. There were many years where I felt I was always taking detours, or stuck in the traffic of negative thoughts, or feeling the road rage inside myself or the receiver of someone else’s, or my internal GPS system had completely shut down and I was lost, or questioning if the passengers in my life received their licenses from a Cracker Jack Box. Then I questioned my own and realized perhaps I also received mine from there.

You see, life is an ongoing journey, not a destination, and how much or little you enjoy the commute is really up to you.

Think of your life like a highway. Sometimes you can set the cruise control and motor right along and other times you are stuck in a traffic jam, or having to take the next exit, or there’s an unexpected delay and you are stuck, or the weather is a little tricky and your knuckles are a little white as you grip the steering wheel with all your might.

You might even be like the driver in who’s tooting his horn, or yelling at other drivers, or telling them how they should drive, or not letting them in, or cutting them off all together.

Perhaps you want to be like Mario Andretti on the race track and speed through to the finish line.

You can’t control the road conditions, or the events that occur in your life, but you can steer the way you encounter and move through them.

You can slow down, take a look around, and open yourself up to the miracles and mysteries that life has to offer you.

You can choose to see the negatives or the positives.

You can enjoy the simplest of pleasures throughout the day, or none at all.

You can be thankful for what you have or bemoan what you don’t have.

You can reach out or go it alone.

You can believe or give up.

You can embrace or brace yourself.

You can find a different route or stay on the one you are on.

You can choose to stay stuck or move through what’s occurring.

You can be the light or the darkness.

You can be of peace or war.

You can be victorious in your life; or the victim of life or the victor over life, the choice is yours.


It’s up to you whether your journey is about the destination, or the enjoyment of your commute.

Yes, it would be nice to get up and never endure a road block, to know exactly where you are going, or what the future holds for you, but if that was the case you would miss all the wonder, adventures, excitement, joys and sorrows along the way.

These are the very things which provide you with the dreams, tools, skills, and experience to build other roadways.

Remember, the journey you’re on, we are all on together, and its roads are under construction.

How can you enjoy more of your commute?

Use the insight technique to assist you in gaining insights when you hit those potholes that can make your journey more fun and enjoyable.

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique. She founded the Insight Technique” – Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in transforming limiting mindsets.


Have a Blessed Day

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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