How To Deal With Challenges And Struggles In Life

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Sorry for delay in this post, reason being love, she seldom permit my heart to do anything else. Let’s start discussion on our topic how to deal with challenges and struggles in life. From previous post recall that challenges can be put into three categories for convenience.   Each type presents different type of requirements and hence to win over we need to be specific in approach. Our approach for dealing with challenges and struggles should be customized to degree and requirement of particular challenge.  (Please make sure to read previous post titled “Various challenges and struggles – understand them first” for proper understanding of topic).

Now before we start discussion on approaches for each type of challenge we need to work on some common ground first. I mean to say that though when dealing with particular type of challenge or struggle there should be specific strategy, but there are some very important things which I want you to know as a common preparation for any kind of challenge, these will immensely help in dealing with any of the kind of challenge or struggle. The things we need to understand in common are follows:

Position of struggle in life

Do some people have to struggle more and why?

Darwin’s theory

Difference between loss and struggle



First of these and in my view most important is to understand the position of struggle in life. If we do not know how struggle is related to life then it becomes harder dealing with. Now to understand this relation we should ask ourselves the question. What do I think about challenges and struggles in my life? Now answer this question. What is your answer? Do you think that struggles in your life are more than most of other people or do you think that you are unlucky Or do you think that you are less able/weak compared to other people so it is difficult for you to deal with challenges? Well your answers could be other way; you may be an optimist or simply may be lucky enough. Whatever presently you think about life now I would like you to take home one point, you must understand that life is synonymous with struggle. Now if you don’t agree on that am going to prove now.

It is not hard to prove that. If you are a person who watch wildlife programmers on discovery channel it is quite possible that you may have noticed how many animals in wild struggle daily to get food and keep their life safe. If you watch discovery you can recall many such instances. Here I present one, there was prolonged drought in the particular part of jungle, vegetation died, and herbivores were struggling to find green grass and other vegetation for food. As food and water become scarce in such conditions animals begun to die of hunger and to search for green pastures is the only option left. Animals leave their area and walk long distances in search of vegetation. First herbivores leave the place followed by carnivores.  In this instance though water was available to animals because of a river that passed through (Of course origin of river was at some distance place).  That river was full of crocodiles, zebras knew that crocodiles were waiting for them but they also knew if they don’t cross they will never reach the food and will die of hunger. When no option is left every life has to go the way that is available, so zebras fully knowing that life was in danger crossed the river. Many of them got seriously injured by crocodiles attack and many others became lunch for crocodiles (Yep! they were crossing in noon).

My point that life is struggle is not based on this instance only, if you observe you will find instances everywhere in world proving that life is struggle.

Come to us human beings; observe your life and life of others, what you notice? You will notice that we human beings are usually more lucky than poor animals, most of animals daily struggle in jungle to keep their life safe, we also do take precautions to keep our life safe but we don’t struggle for that (We have a system to maintain law and order, which offcourse do not work well in mant parts of world). You need not worry while eating that someone might attack you anytime. So we human beings usually don’t have to struggle like animals but still we have to. Ok, am making it clear, while animals in wild struggle to survive, humans usually struggle to do better. A deer eat grass as it is and fill his stomach while we humans will always like to have more choices and delicious menus. So nature of our struggle usually differs from animals in wild. (Note here that still vast number of people in the world die of hunger and struggle daily for survival, so their life is not better than wild. We as a society still have much to improve, so as to ensure food and humane living conditions for every being).

 Let me take you thousands of year back when humans were also wild animals. Those times even we humans had to face similar struggles and challenges. It is intellect of  humans that has now made us a well developed society as compared to other animals on the earth. We developed as societies, so do our aspirations grew, and so different become the nature of struggles and challenges we face today. 

We have developed as societies and so nature of struggles and challenges have changed. Struggles and challenges have evolved in nature but note that they still are always part of our lives. The first point I want you to accept is that if there is life there is always chance of a struggle. If you are not struggling or facing any challenge now, be ready as it can come knocking any time, small or big. If you accept that struggle and challenges are reality and part of life than it will help.


Point 1: Struggle is part of life, real fact, don’t escape.


Now I come to second point here we will discuss about whether some people need to struggle more than others and if yes then why?

Answer is not complicated, and it is yes, many people do have to struggle more than others. As I have written above that still many humans have to struggle for survival and to meet there basic needs. So humans do face different type of challenges and to a different degree. Everyone does not get same opportunities and facilities. Some do enjoy the luxuries while others do yearn for food daily.

Now we come to why? The answer lies in three words viz. opportunity, ability and will.

Opportunities: We noted above that some people have easy access to luxuries while others toil hard for basic needs. This is nothing but can be said as difference in opportunities. We have to accept that life do not offer equal opportunities to all. Some get more than you while many others less than you. So accept it that you can lie anywhere in the range. There is no point in complaining that you get less, if you got less mind one thing that you need to struggle hard and crying will not do anything for you.

Ability: Next thing which make a difference is ability, naturally some people are more able than others at certain things. All have strengths and weaknesses, identifying them and working accordingly with planning and dedication can take you to winning side. If you go with natural strengths better will be the chances of your success.

Will: Now the most important thing of all three is will. It is what you can call a wonder card. Without will to win over challenges even best of opportunities and talent will go to drain. Will is what can make less able man to do better than more talented or blessed one. If you have strong will power you can do wonders. Will do increase the ability and open doors of opportunities, keep it in mind for any kind of challenge or struggle in life.


Point 2: We have got different opportunities and abilities but it is will that could make real difference.


Darwin’s theory: Survival of fittest by Charles Darwin, we have read and heard of it many times. Let me put in very simple words. It says those who evolve better to suit the changes, to suit the surroundings, to suit the environment are more likely to survive. In our perspective simply put the theory in every struggle or challenge we do face. It says nothing but that if we want to overcome challenges or struggles in life we need to be strong. We should be flexible enough to accommodate the demands or requirements of the challenges. If we do that only we will succeed in winning them over. No matter challenge is aspiration, forced or emotional type. We will overcome it only if we grew in strength.


Point 3: Stay fit to fight better


Sometimes we do take struggle as loss and vice versa. Always keep in mind, loss is something that can’t be replenished or say that could not be regained because it do not exist anymore. Say loss of a dearly loved relative is loss, a permanent disability is loss. In condition of loss there is no scope of regaining the thing lost. In such cases only option left is to accept the reality and harmonize with life accepting that loss. Here in this post and last one all observations that have been made are for struggles and challenges. Struggle is for something that can be achieved or gained with effort. When I am talking about overcoming challenges, am talking about something that is possible. When am talking about struggle or challenge, dealing with them will involve both emotional and other efforts while loss has to be dealt emotionally only. We can discuss loss in some separate post altogether but at the point keep in mind that I mean different things when I say loss or struggle.

I wanted to finish the topic of struggles and challenges in this post itself but it need more time and effort than I anticipated. So in this post we develop common ground for dealing with all types of challenges. In next post to be published soon we will discuss how to deal specifically with each type. I hope that next one will be final in the series.

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