Looking for Ways to be Kind to Strangers


By: Norman

Over the weekends I often find myself leaving home at around 9:00am. I find it hard to stay indoors on a Saturday, so I either head to the office or to town to run some errands. Towards the end of last year, after being encouraged by various acts of kindness from this website, I resolved to make it my mission to touch people’s lives unexpectedly.  My target was the underpriviledged in society and in my country the street children were my target group.

Each Saturday morning as I would go to get some milk and bread from the nearby shop, I would see how many kids there were in the vicinity and buy them milk and bread also. They would of course have no clue of this and all I would do is creep up on them and give it to them.

One day, I was heading back to my bus terminus and saw this beggar on the street in a wheelchair. He didn’t notice me but I just went straight into the next shop, bought food then came back to where he was and handed the whole pack to him.

During the holidays,  while I was buying a gift for the ” Christmas shoe” campaign I bought extra wrapping paper accidentally.  As  I wondered what to do with them, the attendant informed me that I could get credit for them and then use it to purchase anything with an equivalent price. I was in a hurry to go look for what would be the ideal replacement so I picked out some chocolate bars.  As I walked out of the shop, I handed them to the children outside the shop and headed for the bus terminus.  

The other day I was in town for lunch with a mate and on my way back, I saw a kid outside a fast food restaurant begging for some change. I went in to the restaurant, bought a take away and handed it to the kid. His smile and “thank you” was the perfect end to my weekend and all I could say was, “You are welcome.”

So, each day as I read the amazing kindness stories on this site, I’m made aware of the numerous ways I can be kind to a stranger.


Have a Blessed Weekend
Love & Light
The Spirit Way 


About thespiritwaytoday

Even though I have been psychic my whole life, it's been the last 18 years that I have opened up to using my gifts. I am a psychic advisor, medium channel, and energy reader. It's my mission in life now to help as many people as I can. I know that the universe brought you here for a specific reason that may impact your life in a positive way.

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