Cancer Full Moon, January 8-9, 2012

By: Cathy Lynn Pagano

Full Moon by Unknown

This first full Moon of 2012 highlights the opposition between the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, and speaks to the nurturing, creating and protecting aspects of life and society.   It brings up the archetypal powers of mother and father, the issues of nurturing and protecting, and impacts our emotional body as well as our social body. The energies of family and state begin our new year, the structures that bind us together.

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun in Capricorn shines light on our place in and contribution to our culture.   Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, capable of molding and shaping a shared communal life.   This sign of achievement rules our governments, our financial systems and our corporate structures.   Pluto, planet of evolution, death and rebirth, began the work of renovating and renewing our social structures back in November 2008, when it first entered Capricorn — first by showing us where the structure needs to be renewed. Since then, its energy has helped exposed the hypocrisy and lies, greed and stupidity of many of the institutions we depend on. 

One sign of the structural changes to come occurred around the Gemini Lunar eclipse and Uranus going direct: a broad array of financial institutions are helping the European nations come to an economic agreement based on greater sharing and fairness. The world-wide financial re-organization is just beginning, so watch how the Uranus/Pluto squares beginning this year will initiate more changes in the years to come.   It will happen if we “make it so’. 

The Cosmic Story of Christmas Eve’s Capricorn New Moon, as well as of the Winter Solstice, promises deep change for us individually as well as collectively.   It occurred at a degree that Pluto had already worked over, so the seed-time of the Capricorn new Moon was fertile for something new to take form.   As we face the dying patriarchy, we seem to have the heavens’ assurance that if we do our work and get free of the patriarchal rules within our personal psyche, we will change our world.

What old cultural “goals’ are no longer valid for you?   What parts of our society can you no longer buy into?   How free are you from patriarchal rules that govern your behavior as well as your potentials?

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is widely squaring this full moon from the sign of Libra, focusing our attention on how fair and just we are in our dealings with others.   These Libran values of fairness, equality, diplomacy and justice must also be the building blocks for any new financial system we put in place.   The financial rules have been shaped to the 1%’s needs.   Now we’ll have to create a system that is fair and just the 100%.

Death/Thoth Deck by Crowley Tarot Deck

Capricorn is also the sign of the Father whose job it is to protect the life of his child, to be a guide into the world for his child and to let go of power when it is time for his child to create the next phase of life.   “Patriarchy’ is “the rule of the fathers’, and its sin is its unwillingness of give over power to the next phase of life — to equal partnership between men and women, masculine and feminine energies.   In rejecting its own death, it creates death for everyone.

         In Ursula Le Guin’s wonderful Earthsea Trilogy, she images this fear of Death as a shadow, a shadow that drains all the joy and color out of life.   In The Farthest Shore, the Archmage Sparrowhawk and the young king, Arren, go on a journey to try to restore the balance of life and death, which has been disrupted by a sorcerer who is so afraid of death that he has opened the gates between life and death and now cannot close them.   The young King wonders why men are destroying the trees and the earth, and the Mage explains that they have no guidance, no king to show them how to live in the Balance.

Then the young king wonders how this one fearful man could so easily destroy the Balance of the world as his fear spreads     He asks the Mage, “Where are the servants of this (man) Anti-King?”

          “In our minds, lad.   In our minds! The traitor, the self, the self that cries I WANT TO LIVE, LET THE WORLD ROT SO LONG AS I CAN LIVE!   The little traitor soul in us, in the dark.   He talks to all of us.   But only some understand him.   The wizards, the singers, the makers.   And the heroes, the ones who seek to be themselves.   To be oneself is a rare thing, and a great one.   To be oneself forever, is that not better still?”

          Arren looked straight at Sparrowhawk .   ‘You mean that it is not greater.   But tell me why. . . . I have learned to believe in death.   But I have not learned to rejoice over it, to welcome my death, or yours.   If I love life, shall I not hate the end of it? 

          ‘Life without end,’ the mage said.   ‘Life without death.   Immortality.   And then – this.   This blight upon the lands.   The arts of man forgotten.   The singer tongue less.   The eye blind.   And then?   A false king ruling.   Ruling forever.   And over the same subjects forever.   No births; no new lives.   No children.   Only what is mortal bears life, Arren.   Only in death is there rebirth.   The Balance is not a stillness.   It is a movement – an eternal becoming.’1

Have a Blessed Week

Love & Light


The Spirit Way


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  1. Wow, Karen. You are right on point with this one. . . Great Work!!!
    You are a God Now. . . More Insights will come.

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